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In step with mother nature


Continuing the legacy of fermentation process in Korean food

Jang (red chili paste) has served as a representative of Korean fermented food. Haechandle is continuing the legacy of Korean food culture.  Haechandle selectively chooses fresh ingredients while preserving the tradition of Korean food.

Haechandle adheres to the traditional values of traditional jangs (pastes) so that everyone can experience the joy of cooking.

Brand symbol

A field full of Sunshine, Haechandle

‘Haechandle,’ which translates to ‘a field full of sunshine’, will let you feel the abundance of nature in which all things ripen in the field when the red sun shines.

Brand value

It guarantees both authenticity and tradition

Haechandle, with a 45-year history, is a traditional Korean brand preserving the authentic taste of jang and tradition of Korean food.

To continue on the legacy of Korean food history, Haechandle continuously strives to transform.

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