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Our Brands

We create food brands ready to be embraced by the world.

Spreading the flavour of Korea


bibigo is the global representative of Korean cuisine that creates a new lifestyle by adding modern values to traditional Korean cuisine.

bibigo is creating a healthy food culture by sharing with people around the world its pride and understanding of Korean cuisine, a cuisine filled with nature and life and philosophy of Korean people.

In step with mother nature


Jang (red chili paste) has served as a representative of Korean fermented food. Haechandle is continuing the legacy of Korean food culture.

Haechandle selectively chooses fresh ingredients while preserving the tradition of Korean food.

Haechandle adheres to the traditional values of traditional jangs (pastes) so that everyone can experience the joy of cooking.

Taking rice to a new level


In the past 20 years, Hetbahn has become pronoun for products of cooked rice, which provides essential energy.

From the very moment you eat Hetbahn, to not only make you full physically but also make you feel warm and happy, Hetbahn creates a new lifestyle.