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About CJ Foods

CJ Cheiljedang is a global food and BIO company that brings
health, happiness and convenience to consumers around the world

Inspiring Oceania to experience Korean flavours.

In 2019, CJ Foods Oceania has been established and is leading the dynamic and fast-growing Korean food businesses.

CJ Foods Oceania distributes more than 200 SKUs including Mandu (Korean dumplings), Kimchi, Instant rice and Seaweeds etc. to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

CJ Foods Oceania collaborate with CJ HQ including all around the world to adapt to current Oceania market trends, creating long-term business plans to inspire Oceania for all to experience Korean cuisine and culture.

CJ Group - Holding CompanyCJ CheilJedang

CJ NutraCon

CJ NutraCon (CJNC) started as a concept in South Korea in the mid 90’s, after realising the potential for its products globally the first manufacturing plant was built in the USA. CJNC relocated to Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia and opened the current facility in 2006.

CJNC is now one of the largest global beef bone and beef meat stock producers. Products are produced for a fast-growing convenience market with benefits to the food service industry and the consumer.

CJNC is a diverse and flexible company and promotes its product internationally through its global network.

We bring delicious indulgences to the table

We aim to globalise the taste of Korea through creating balanced taste between Korean cuisine and local preferences, and share healthy and convenient lifestyle.

We lead the future of eco-friendly Green BIO technology

The philosophy of the BIO business is to create sustainable life and healthy earth with our eco-friendly technology.

We help the world grow togetherwith local communities around the world

To build a society where people live together, we are carrying out social contribution with the aim of ‘promoting the healthy food life of people,’ ‘preserving the ecosystem of the local community’ and ‘making the dreams of youths come to life’.


Do you have any enquiries?  Send us questions or feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Oceania HQ

Suite 3.04,
123 Epping Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

+61 (2) 8540 6331


49-57 Hermitage Rd,
Cranley QLD 4350

+ 61 (7) 4698 6999