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Inspiring a new life of

health happiness and convenience.

CJ Foods has been leading Korea's food industry for 60 years

It spreads the excellence of Korean flavors to every corner of the world with K-Food, a cuisine that satisfies local tastes with a touch of Korean flavor. CJ Foods supports healthy and convenient lifestyles by offering a variety of premium products that are created with the newest technologies, and contributes to a tastier and healthier world by developing food products made with ingredients from nature.

CJ Foods spreads Korean taste and culture around the world through continuous research, development, progression and innovation. And by continuing to bring food innovation and deliver healthier and more convenient food products, CJ Foods has transformed into a global lifestyle company.

Featured Products


LIVE DELICIOUS. Spreading the flavour of Korea

bibigo is the global representative of Korean cuisine that creates a new lifestyle by adding modern values to Korean traditional cuisine.


In step with mother nature

Jang (red chili paste) has served as a representative of Korean fermented food. Haechandle is continuing the legacy of Korean food culture.


Taking rice to a new level

In the past 20 years, Hetbahn has become pronoun for products of cooked rice.


We pursue circular economy that begins with and returns to nature after making a delicious stop at our tables