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bibigo helps you make the most out of life

bibigo is the global representative of Korean cuisine that creates a new lifestyle by adding modern values to Korean traditional cuisine. bibigo is creating a healthy food culture by sharing with people around the world its pride and understanding of Korean cuisine, a cuisine filled with nature, and life and philosophy of Korean people.

The name bibigo comes from the Korean word to “mix”, combined with “go” for an exciting line of products that are delicious and convenient.

We want to help the world enjoy every moment, because life tastes better when you bibigo, LIVE DELICIOUS.

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Inhering the Bibim philosophy

bibigo is a compound word by combining “bibim” from “bibimbap,” and the word “go.” “Bibim”, or mixing, represents the balance and harmony of different elements, while “go” represents our ambition to lead the globalisation of Korean food.

The ‘Bibim’ philosophy means to blend into one through sharing goods with each other by communicating, and catering to each other’s needs.

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Embracing the healthiness and culture of Korean cuisine

We know that warm, delicious food is never just a meal, tasty food makes life taste better.

The very thing that keeps us alive, has the awesome power to make us feel more alive.

bibigo contains the healthiness and culture of Korean cuisine, ranging from kimchi, the epitome of Korean cuisine, to mandu, the Korean-style dumpling loved by people around the world.

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