bibigo CRISPY SEAWEED – KOREAN BBQ FLAVOUR 5G x 3 (Porphyra tenera)


Premium Quality Created in Korea

  • Made with rice chips woven into the Gim (seaweed)
  • Better for you: Seaweed Snack, containing high-protein and low-calories
  • Super crispiness with Korean BBQ flavour


Korean Gim (Seaweed), recognised by the world

There is a wide variety of Gim processed in Korea. The most common are the flavoured Gim, which is roasted with oil and salt to be served as a side dish. Snack Gim, a more recent creation, is served in delightful morsels perfect for casual snacking. Korean Gim is known worldwide for its clean production environment and superior technology, and its flavouring techniques play a significant part in its popularity. Korean Gim is complemented by the rich flavour of sesame oil and high-quality salt from Korean shores, which bring out the natural crisp and fragrance of the seaweed in full.

Nutrition information


Avg. Quantity per serving Avg. Quantity per 100g
Energy 130 kJ 2520 kJ
Protein 1.0 g 20.4 g
Fat, total 2.4 g 48.0 g
– Saturated Less than 1 g 6.3 g
Carbohydrate 1.2 g 23.6 g
– Sugars Less than 1 g 81.1 g
Sodium 60 mg 1110 mg


Seaweed 55.8% (Pyropia yezoensis), Corn oil, Korean BBQ seasoning 5.1% (BBQ flavours, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Salt, Soy sauce, Onion, Flavour enhancers (627, 631), Acidity regulator (330)), Sesame oil.

Contains sesame, soybean

Produced in a facility that also uses egg, milk, wheat